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Computer Repair Simulator 0.4

Educational game to learn how to perform repairs on a computer efficiently
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Garrett Swindell

Presented as a point-and-click kind of game, Computer Repair Simulator is actually an educational project designed to teach you how to carry out repairs to every component of a computer. Using real-life-based work orders and three modes (Random, Scenario, and Training), this single-player game will show you how to fix your PC in an entertaining and educational way.

You will be playing a computer repair technician who is presented with specific real-life PC problems that you’re supposed to fix. From a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) to a computer that won’t start or a RAM memory upgrade. You will be offered all of these work orders, which you can accept or decline based on the payout and the level of difficulty. You can use your keyboard and your mouse (especially the scroll button) to move around the board and the place or to change the viewpoint, so that you can look at the computer components from every different angle and distance.

You are provided with settings to define the overall level of difficulty, the speed, move mode, mouse sensibility, etc., as well as the video and audio settings that better fit your preferences. The overall quality of the 3D graphics is really good – all PC components are easily recognizable and they depict the original pieces accurately and with great detail. Your skills and stats will change every time you complete new tasks, regardless of how small they are or if the overall assignment has been completed or not.

Still in alpha demo status, the game lacks the minimum level of stability required to complete more than two or three tasks in one go, let alone finish a full game. An “Invalid pointer or handle in” error popped up every few minutes, giving me no other option but to close the game and start from scratch all over again. The default visualization option fails to display the entire picture when in window mode, and trying to adjust it to a more convenient resolution only brought new visualization problems. Given the early stages of development of this project, all of these flaws are more than understandable, but they still prevent you from really enjoying the game.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Good-quality 3D graphics of the PC components
  • Multiple viewpoints
  • Real-life scenarios for realistic work orders
  • Customizable interface


  • Recurrent "Invalid pointer or handle in" error that closes the app
  • Visualization problems when in window mode
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